Used for decades in hospitals and medical settings, intravenous therapy, or IV therapy, has traditionally aided symptoms from dehydration to nutrient-absorption conditions. In the past few years, IV therapy has increased its presence. In fact, it is popping up in independent clinics and delivery services throughout the world.

Intravenous therapy helps users feel their best through rehydration…However, it’s more than just H2O that brings you to ultimate wellness!



What is Intravenous Therapy? 

Intravenous therapy is a treatment that delivers fluids and nutrients directly into the vein. The intravenous route is the quickest way that medications and fluids can enter the body through the bloodstream. Therefore, nutrients go straight into circulation and can be used by the body almost immediately

When individuals ingest nutrients by mouth, they typically do not receive all of the benefits. This is due to a variety of reasons. For instance, the inability of the gut to process nutrients properly and the low tolerance for high vitamin and mineral dosages make absorption difficult. 

As a result, IV therapy erases this issue. Intravenous administration allows you to receive the nutrients you need. This also means that each treatment is 100% guaranteed to provide you with the benefits that you need. So you’re definitely getting your money’s worth after each treatment



Why Should You Use Intravenous Therapy? 


Hydration and nutrient levels are key in achieving optimal health. You can use IV treatment to increase your overall wellness

In addition, IV therapy can also help: 

  • Lift immunity 
    • Increase the body’s ability to fight current ailments, helping to reduce  the length of illness and  build against future illness. 
  • Relieve fatigue 
    • Helps the body maintain levels of energy. 
  • Detoxify the body 
    • Cleanses the body from toxins while replenishing nutrients. 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety 
    • Vital vitamins and relaxation minerals help relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety while improving overall mood. 
  • Promote athletic recovery 
    • Helps to speed up muscle repair to boost exercise capacity, reducing recovery time.  
  • Enhance beauty 
    • Select nutrients can help stifle the onset of aging, especially for the skin. 
  • Boost metabolism
    • Increases metabolic response and helps build up for a faster metabolism. 
  • Improve hydration
    • Increases water intake, and vitamins and minerals for optimal hydration. 
  • Relieves headaches
    • Improves hydration, circulation, and cleansing of the body, overall helping to relieve headaches.


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Types of Wellness IV Therapy 

Vitamin C IV Therapy 

Vitamin C plays a significant role in overall bodily health. At high doses, it can help boost our immune responses—helping prevent and protect our body from illnesses—beat stubborn fatigue by increasing our energy levels and reduce oxidative stress, which is known to accelerate signs of aging.

Benefits: Lower risk of heart disease, reduce stress, increase collagen production, helps immune support, and increases energy production. 


Glutathione IV Therapy 

Glutathione can help prevent the displeasing symptoms of aging by decreasing our oxidative stress. Additionally, this treatment can help relieve debilitating symptoms associated with fatigue and other chronic conditions.

Benefits: anti-aging, memory support, immune system support, relief of chronic ailments. 


NAD+ IV Therapy 

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, or NAD+, is powerful in optimizing the aging process,  metabolic function, and neuroregeneration. This IV treatment works on a cellular level to help improve brain function and increase memory capacity. 

Benefits: boosted metabolism, optimal aging, energy production, concentration, memory support, and improved athletic ability. 


B12 IV Therapy 

B12 IV therapy supplies our body with instant hydration plus a boost of B12 — resulting in a jolt of energy plus other health benefits, such as improved hair, skin, bone, and heart health. 

Benefits: heart health, energy production, hydration, increased mood.


Other Powerful IV Treatments: 

Athletic Recovery IV Therapy

Athletic Recovery IV therapy helps athletes and workout enthusiasts spend less time recovering and more time focusing on exercise capacity. Ingredients like amino acid blend that help decrease muscle loss and improve metabolism. It is the key ingredient that helps enhance athletic performance. 

Hangover Relief IV Therapy

Hangover IV therapy helps promote relief fast. Instant hydration to the bloodstream is the first key to combatting the dehydration associated with hangovers. In addition, a powerful anti-inflammatory and detoxifying mix will help those annoying symptoms subside. 

Immunity IV Therapy

Immunity IV therapy helps  amp up your immune system. This blend helps fight against current illnesses while building up your protection for future ailments. The main ingredient, Zinc, a key contributor to immune and metabolic function.

What Does the Process Look Like? 

Intravenous therapy is easy and safe. IV treatment is nearly painless. Most patients feel only a small pinch during IV administration. Above all, no major side effects are associated with intravenous therapy. 

Most companies offer IV therapy at brick and mortar locations. However, some companies, like ivee, offer convenient, on-demand IV therapy delivery. Most individuals feel results within 30 minutes of treatment administration. So, next time you’re feeling like you need a pick me up…you know what to do! 

IV therapy helps you feel your best, and ivee creates an experience that will have you coming back for more.





Book your at-home IV therapy & moreNurse to you in as little as an hour

New York City, Long Island, Philadelphia, and New Jersey