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At-Home IV Therapy & Integrative Medicine

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At-Home IV Therapy & Integrative Medicine

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This is what happens when tech meets wellness

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Select one of our services, ranging from IV therapy to integrative medicine evaluations.

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Schedule your appointment. With our ASAP option, a nurse will be to you within as little as two hours.

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Enter your location, wherever you may be. Your nurse will contact you when they're close.

Currently servicing Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Long Island, & New Jersey

What others say about ivee

Elijah M.

Before I got my first ivee I was somewhat skeptical. How much could this actually make me feel better? 30 minutes later I felt like going for a run and I don’t even like running.

Jenna S.

Got an ivee today and it was awesome! The platform was super easy to use and it was pretty cool to push a button and get matched immediately with a nurse. Loved Tiffany’s professionalism. Nice to finally have a guilty pleasure that makes me feel better instead of worse haha.

Jamie K.

My ivee experience was seamless and left me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my day. The delivery was so much faster than other IV companies.

The Most Elite Nurse Team

It’s our mission to provide the safest and most enjoyable wellness experience possible. So, we’ve curated a team of the most skilled (and friendly!) nurses with years of experience under their belts.

Registered Nurses

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Ingredient Integrity

Purity matters…which is why our expert medical team has thoughtfully formulated each of our treatments. Using the highest quality ingredients, our treatments include nutrient dosages that deliver tangible benefits.

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