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B12 IV Therapy

When there’s not much left in the tank, sometimes we need to give ourselves a quick pick-me-up to keep our body running as it should.

B12 IV therapy supplies our body with instant hydration plus a boost of B12 — resulting in a jolt of energy plus other health benefits, such as improved hair, skin, bone, and heart health!

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Vitamin B12 + fluids are absorbed directly by the bloodstream, resulting in quick and efficient hydration.


B12 IV therapy can help beat fatigue fast, as B complex vitamins are essential for energy production.


B12 IV therapy helps regulate levels of homocysteine: a protein linked to heart disease and other chronic conditions.

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5 Benefits of B12 IV Therapy

To B or not to B(12), that is the question. But you might be wondering, what is B12, and why is it so important?

What is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 helps your body create red blood cells, and prevents anemia. It also supports bone health and the production of healthy hair, skin, and nails.

If you are deficient in this vitamin, you might experience weakness, heart palpitations, and vision loss. Populations that are most prone B12 deficiency are older people, on a vegan diet, and those with gastrointestinal disorders.

Now that you know the importance of having B12 in your body, you might start to understand why B12 IV therapy has become pretty popular. So what happens if we combined the two, and what are the benefits of B12 IV therapy?

1. Fast results with B12 IV Therapy

In general, IV therapy has a whole host of benefits. The most important one is that there is almost 100% guarantee that your body will absorb all of the vitamins and minerals within the IV treatment. Because of this, benefits are felt almost immediately after your treatment, which is helpful for those lacking in vitamin B12.

2. Thirsty?

Not only do IV treatments contain other antioxidants and minerals that are amazing for your body, but they immediately hydrate you as well. Why? IV treatment delivers fluids directly to your bloodstream, allowing them to be absorbed quickly by your body. Not only will you be getting B12 into your system quickly, but you will also get hydrated quite instantly.

3. Feeling sleepy?

If you’re one of those people that has to hit the snooze button at least three times before you get up in the morning, B12 IV therapy might be the treatment that you are missing. One of the first signs of a B12 deficiency is feeling tired and having a lower energy level. With B12 IV treatment, you can help restore lost energy, and finally, be the morning person you were meant to be (or at least try).

4. Don’t worry, be happy!

If listening to Bobby McFerrin isn’t improving your mood, perhaps it’s time to invest in a B12 IV infusion. B12 plays an essential role in metabolizing serotonin, which is responsible for regulating your mood; a deficiency in this will lead to feeling down in the dumps. A deficiency in B12 is also linked to an increased risk of severe depression. B12 could help prevent this risk, and help improve your mood as well.

5. Heart Healthy

B12 helps reduce the amino acid called homocysteine, which is produced when your body starts breaking down proteins. Having a high level of homocysteine is linked to an increased risk of heart disease. B12 helps reduce the risk of this, leading you to live a healthier life.

You know the benefits of a B12 IV infusion, so the only question left is when will you book your drip? We’ve curated B12-focused packages like The Productivity Boost and The Refresh to help you get your fix!

Elijah M.

Before I got my first ivee I was somewhat skeptical. How much could this actually make me feel better? 30 minutes later I felt like going for a run and I don’t even like running.

Jenna S.

Got an ivee today and it was awesome! The platform was super easy to use and it was pretty cool to push a button and get matched immediately with a nurse. Loved Tiffany’s professionalism. Nice to finally have a guilty pleasure that makes me feel better instead of worse haha.

Jamie K.

My ivee experience was seamless and left me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my day. The delivery was so much faster than other IV companies.

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