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B12 IV Therapy

B12 IV therapy supplies our body with instant hydration plus a boost of B12, which supports increased mood, energy production, and even beauty.

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Vitamin B12 is vital to a variety of bodily functions, such as memory, energy, and disease prevention.



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To B or not to B(12), that is the question. Vitamin B12 complex is an essential nutrient for our bodies. There are a multitude of benefits to vitamin B12 IV therapy. First, vitamin B12 and fluids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, resulting in a quick and efficient hydration and nutrient effects. B12 also plays an essential role in metabolizing serotonin, which is responsible for regulating your mood. A deficiency in B12 is also linked to an increased risk of severe depression, which means this vitamin may increase mood long term. In addition, because B12 is vital to cell production, healthy levels of the vitamin are linked to healthy hair, skin and nails.

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How long will it take B12 vitamin to kick in?

The treatment will kick in almost immediately during your session. Normally this feeling is revitalization and rehydration, but the peak of B12 will build gradually after your session. By the end of your drip, about 35 to 60 minutes, you may feel elevated mood and energy levels. 

When should I get a B12 drip?

B12 IV therapy is best whenever you are feeling run down and need a lift! This could be after an exhausting work week, a long workout, or just general regulation of chronic conditions. 

Why should I get a B12 IV?

Maintaining your energy can be hard. A B12 drip gives instant energy, hydration, and nutrients that can’t be instantly achieved otherwise. A deficiency in B12 is linked to depression, which gives another benefit of overall increased mood. This amazing drip offers more than just enhanced energy, but also long-lasting healthy hair, skin, and nails over time.

How long will the effects last?

While you may feel more hydrated and energized within the first few minutes of your session, the full effects of B12 will remain to build up for about 6 to 12 hours. Most notice inproved energy and mood for up to 3 days post-treatment. Repeated B12 IV treatments can also lead to healthier hair, skin, and nails over time.

Elijah M.

Before I got my first ivee I was somewhat skeptical. How much could this actually make me feel better? 30 minutes later I felt like going for a run and I don’t even like running.

Jenna S.

Got an ivee today and it was awesome! The platform was super easy to use and it was pretty cool to push a button and get matched immediately with a nurse. Loved Tiffany’s professionalism. Nice to finally have a guilty pleasure that makes me feel better instead of worse haha.

Jamie K.

My ivee experience was seamless and left me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my day. The delivery was so much faster than other IV companies.

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