The Refresh

IV Therapy for Fatigue

Feeling low?

This treatment replenishes your vitality, allowing you to feel your best no matter the circumstance. It’s the perfect IV therapy for fatigue, foggy brain, and jet lag.

Ingredient Highlight:

L-Carnitine, and energy and endurance inducing amino-acid, with memory, learning, and mood-enhancing effects.

Other Ingredients:

LR or Saline, B Complex, B12, L-Carnitine, Magnesium, Vitamin C



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How long will The Refresh take to kick in?

The Refresh will begin to take effect close to the end of your sesh, so anywhere between 45-60 minutes. By the time you are finished you will most definitely feel replenished, revitalized, and ready to take on anything!

When should I get The Refresh?

We understand the importance of self-care. The Refresh is perfect for anyone who is battling fatigue, clouded thinking, and/or jet lag. Even if you’re just feeling low, this treatment will give you the boost you need.

Why should I get The Refresh?

Feeling energized is a vital part of productivity and overall wellbeing. When you’re feeling run down, hydration combined with curated vitamins and minerals can help get you back to 100%. 

How long will the effects last?

You should feel the effects at their strongest during the 24 hour period post-treatment. The effects can last anywhere from 48-72 hours.


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Ingredient Integrity

Purity matters…which is why our expert medical team has thoughtfully formulated each and every one of our treatments.

Sourced with only the highest quality ingredients, our treatments include vitamin and mineral dosages that deliver tangible results.

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