The Athletic Recovery

The Athletic Recovery IV Treatment

A gym goer’s dream.

The Athletic Recovery IV therapy speeds up muscle repair to boost exercise ability. 

Ingredient Highlight:

The Amino Acid Blend is a fusion of essential amino acids that helps decrease muscle loss and improve metabolism. It is the key ingredient that helps enhance athletic performance. 

Other Ingredients:

LR or Saline, B Complex, B12, L-Glutathione, Zinc, Magnesium, L-Carnitine, Amino Acid Blend



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How long will The Athletic Recovery take to kick in?

You will normally feel the effects of the treatment kick in during your session. Normally this feeling is revitalization and rehydration, but the real effects kick in the following day. Instead of your muscles feeling sore and fatigued, they will want to get right back in the gym.

When should I get The Athletic Recovery?

The Athletic Recovery should be administered after a workout. This is when your muscles are at their most vulnerable. The recovery IV will help repair muscles damaged from your workout, shortening the recovery process.

Why should I get an athletic recovery IV treatment?

Keeping your muscles hydrated during and after a workout is extremely important for results. The Athletic Recovery will not only rehydrate, but will revitalize your muscles with key vitamins and nutrients, getting you back to the gym faster.

How long will the effects last?

The effects will be felt most noticeably a day after the treatment. You will notice that your muscles aren’t as sore or fatigued as usual, and your energy levels will feel raised.

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Ingredient Integrity

Purity matters…which is why our expert medical team has thoughtfully formulated each and every one of our treatments.

Sourced with only the highest quality ingredients, our treatments include vitamin and mineral dosages that deliver tangible results.

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