What even is a hangover?

Hangovers are caused by dehydration and depletion of nutrients in your body after drinking too much alcohol. Symptoms for hangovers are physical and can cause psychological unrest, which is an unpleasant mix to deal with when you don’t feel your best. These symptoms can last hours or even days without treatment.


Symptoms of a hangover include:

  • Fatigue 
  • Headache 
  • Nausea 
  • Light sensitivity
  • Dehydration 
  • Hangover-related anxiety (Hangxiety)

Hangover’s Effects on the Body 

Alcohol causes a disconnect in your normal brain functionality which leads to all sorts of chaos. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, there are several factors that contribute to hangovers. 

Your liver (mostly) metabolizes alcohol and releases a compound called acetaldehyde. This toxic compound begins the first breakdown of the (multi-step) process of alcohol metabolism. The build-up of this compound causes inflammation in the liver, gastro-tract, pancreas, and brain. This leads to the most common physical hangover symptoms, headache and nausea. 

Dehydration is another factor. Alcohol depletes the water balance in the body and brain, which leads to thirst, headache/migraines, and fatigue. The stomach also becomes irritated when dehydrated which can lead to vomiting. All of these physical symptoms further contribute to restlessness and fatigue. 

Lastly, as the body tries to maintain homeostasis, your nervous system is impacted causing mood shifts, hangxiety, and in some cases, depression

If you’re trying to avoid consequences to your actions, then you are in the right place. The easy solution to prevent hangovers would be to reduce alcohol intake or not drink at all. But that is easier said than done sometimes.

We know they suck. So here’s some advice on how to cure a hangover, fast.



how to get rid of a hangover fast

Gwen Stefani was right. Bananas ARE pretty great. Surprised? Bananas are a great way to get rid of hangovers. Alcohol blocks a hormone that helps the body hold on to water, leading to the loss of electrolytes like potassium. Bananas are especially rich in potassium and can help replenish your body’s stores. If you don’t have any bananas on hand, coconut water supplies potassium as well.


Morning Recovery

how to get rid of a hangover fast

If you have $35 to spare, then Morning Recovery is the way to go. It’s another great way to get rid of hangovers. This drink works by helping the liver break down alcohol-induced toxins that build up and put stress on the body. It also helps replenish lost nutrients and boost up liver functions to speed up recovery.  


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how to get rid of a hangover fast

Like Morning Recovery, if you have $34 and a glass of water, then Mentis is the way to go. Developed by Yale students and professors, Mentis presents itself as a defense for your hangover, so you need to drink it BEFORE you start throwing them back. The drink packet includes Vitamin C, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, Magnesium, Zinc, Sodium, Potassium, and L-Glutamine, helping you combat the next day’s ailments.


how to get rid of a hangover fast

“Sweating out a hangover” is a common tactic used by many of us. Some of workout while others (Daniel Craig) swears by the sauna. Saunas help you sweat out the alcohol-induced toxins. It’s important to hydrate during and after your session, and you should probably avoid this route if you’re still feeling tipsy come sunrise. Some of the best types of saunas include infrared sauna, dry sauna, and steam baths. If it’s good enough for James Bond, it’s good enough for you.


IV Therapy

how to get rid of a hangover fast

If you’re desperately looking for how to get rid of a hangover almost immediately, look no further than IV drips. They work much like vitamins but faster. Vitamins and minerals taken orally must pass through and be processed by the stomach, liver, and intestines. Once an infusion starts, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients circulate through your bloodstream and almost immediately deliver their benefits to your cells. There’s a treatment called “The Hangover Relief” for a reason. 

Most hangover IV therapy includes  LR or Saline, B Complex, B 12, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Pepcid, Zofran, and Toradol, a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps combat pain. It also helps relieve headaches, rehydrates, and boost your energy. Instead of having your hangover take over your life for the day, you can use this treatment to at least help solve your problems more quickly

Hangovers are the worst (excluding the 1st movie). Nowadays, everything from conference calls to happy hour happens on the same couch.In between the coffee and wine, we probably forget to hydrate, eat, or sip over chug. Hangovers are the body’s way of reminding us that we overindulged on the drinks, just a bit. 

Hangover Prevention 

The easiest way to prevent a hangover is to take precautionary steps to stop one from happening in the first place. Although sometimes this is easier said than done, it may be worth it to implement some of these habits into your life, for many beneficial reasons. The answer to how to cure a hangover fast? Stay ahead of the game, and take care of yourself.


Some habits to consider: 

  • Drink water consistently throughout the night and before bed. 
  • 1 to 1 ratio: for every alcoholic drink, complement with a glass of water. 
  • Set a drink limit and ask friends or family to help you maintain it. 
  • Try to stick to the same type of alcohol, mixing liquor can upset your stomach more. 
  • Drink less hard liquor. 




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