On-Site Testing

Zero patient responsibility


Zero patient responsibility 

$0 Out of Pocket for Your Business or Employees*

We are excited to announce that we are offering  COVID-19 viral and antibody tests free of patient responsibility in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  We are providing high-volume on-site viral testing to businesses and schools with 75 individuals or more, while offering antibody testing to individuals in-home.

Patients receive viral infection results within about 72 hours and antibody results in about 10 minutes. Viral tests can be performed at any frequency required.

To register for on-site testing, please click below.

*Out-of-pocket costs for testing include: physician consultation $189, PCR lab test $125, and antibody test $75. There is no patient or employer responsibility for testing costs.

How it works

Step one covid

Discuss your COVID testing plan with our team and receive a consultation from our physician

step two covid

Finalize your organization’s testing volume and frequency plan and sign our partner agreement

step three covid

ivee collects testing recipients’ information and begins mass testing on agreed-upon dates

Testing in Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Why perform ongoing COVID-19 testing


There is zero patient responsibility employers and employees


Demonstrates a good faith effort to limit exposure within your organization


Helps protect your entity from potential legal issues in the future


Acts as an opportunity to be a safety leader in your industry

What we handle


Collection of insurance information (no copays)


Setup of testing pop-up


Patient registration


Clinician scheduling to administer tests


Physician oversight of testing


Testing sample send-out

test results

Test result management


Patient follow-up

Testing Integrity

To provide you with the most efficient and reliable testing experience possible, we’ve united with InnovativeGX as our lab partner.

From booking to appointment to results, together we make the COVID-19 testing process safe and efficient.