COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests

Available for Colleges and Universities

We are excited to announce that we are offering COVID-19 rapid antigen tests and rapid antibody tests.  Alongside our lab partner, BD, we are allowing patients to book and receive testing on the same day. With no lab send-out, we provide patient results in as little as 15 minutes.

Before we introduce these tests to our customers, we are opening up the potential to offer these testing services to colleges and universities as their students return to campus this fall. Using our platform, colleges and universities can make their testing services more accessible to students, whether through small testing pop-ups or on-demand tests for students quarantining in their dorms.

Higher education institutions need testing strategies that make managing student results and limiting spread simple. Click the button below to set up a call with our Chief Medical Officer to discuss this opportunity further.

Safer, smarter testing

This is what happens when tech meets wellness

Step 1

Select your COVID-19 antigen or antibody test. 

Step 2

Schedule your test. Want it now? Choose the ASAP option to have a clinician meet you in about 15-45 minutes.

Step 3

Enter your location. Your clinician will contact you when they’re close. 

Testing in NYC, Philadelphia, and Long Island

Testing Integrity

To provide you with the most efficient and reliable testing experience possible, we’ve united with BD as our testing partner.

From booking to appointment to results, together we make the COVID-19 testing process safe and efficient.

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