Let’s compare the efficiency of the ivee app with other IV treatment delivery services in the industry, such as Reset IV. 

ivee is a great alternative to Reset IV. Read on to discover the benefits of an app-based IV delivery service versus services that fail to give users an enjoyable IV experience from start to finish. We think it’s pretty clear which service is number one for those focused on productivity and wellness.

How long will my treatment take? 

ivee: 30 to 45 minutes. 

Reset IV: 30 to 45 minutes. 

Can I order treatment through an app? 

ivee: Yes. ivee operates solely through its app for user convenience.

Reset IV: No. Reset IV does not offer the option to order through an app.

What will my appointment process look like?

ivee: You simply order through the ivee app.

Reset IV: You must order through an online booking portal or over the phone.

How long will the appointment process take me? 

 ivee: Just 2 minutes. Simply select your desired treatment and input your location and billing information.

Reset IV: 15 minutes. Your appointment must be confirmed before your appointment can occur. 

Can I get treatment in my home?

ivee: Yes. 

Reset IV: Yes. 

Do the costs I see include in-home treatment? 

ivee: Yes. 

Reset IV: Yes. 

How long will it take a nurse to arrive to me? 

ivee: 5 to 45 minutes.

Reset IV: Ambiguous. To this question, Reset IV responds: “we do our best to be there for you in your hour of need.”

Can I track my nurse? 

ivee: Yes. You can see your nurse’s location on the map at all times upon booking.

Reset IV: No. Reset IV sends you an ETA once at the time of booking.

Can I communicate in real-time? 

ivee: Yes. Once you’ve booked your appointment, you can communicate with your nurse in real-time. 

 Reset IV: No. You can only communicate via phone call with the Reset IV headquarters.

Can I receive treatment in more than one geographic area? 

ivee: Yes. While ivee is currently in New York City, it is quickly expanding to cities across the U.S.

Reset IV: Yes. However, Reset IV is limited to Florida and the Las Vegas area.

Can I receive any package at any time? 

ivee: Yes. Nurses keep updated stock of all ivee treatments, and you can request treatment at any time.

Reset IV: No. While Reset IV is open 24/7, treatment options are based on package availability per location.